Epoxy Mastic is a high-strength epoxy coating and flexibility.

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Epoxy Mastic 121 is a coating of epoxy paint, high thickness, with high content of solids, in two components (base and hardener), for the renewal and protection of chopped steel for rust, even when exposed to harsh environments.

Can be applied directly on the clean with a steel wire brush and defatted properly, with the same result is exceptionally located other coatings applied on clean steel.

Will not chip, peel or blister, even under water and resists oils, salt water and mechanical damage

Is a penetrating, highly resistant and flexible finishing, keeping fit over time, with six times more capacity of penetration and adherence of products in individual packages.

Does not contain harmful isocyanates


How does it work?

Epoxy Mastic 121 is a 2 component epoxy paint (base and hardener), composed of corrosion protective pigments in short-chain molecules and surface tension too low. This allows the ink to flow in every pore and depressions on the surface of the steel, ensuring a sharp and sturdy connection.

Can be applied to the brush or pistol. Is provided with a diluent to reduce viscosity epoxy overcoat when you paint small components

Get the best compromise we can reach a paint finish, i.e. excellent penetration and adhesion and mechanical resistance is exceptionally located

Is the complete answer paRA a high performance paint finish, without equal. So it has been awarded repeatedly by the prestigious magazine "Classics Monthly".


Porque fail the other paints the same result?

Packaging inks only (without paint hardener) are the most widely used products in the protection of steel against rust. However, these products are long-chain molecules and high surface tension. As such, tend to be about pores and depressions on the surface of the steel. This allows form voids under the painted surface, which in time become oxidation in the paint. The paint will chip, peeling and blistering. These paints also tend to have lower solid content. This means that the steel profile will soon be exposed to the atmosphere forming rust bubbles again in the void and leading to the painting system break.

< p style= "text-align: justify;" >This scenario cannot happen with < andm >Epoxy Mastic 121because it has a primary link and a high dand solid, 83%, which means that the thickness of paint dries end is, on average, 30% thicker than the best inks available in individual packages


Where To Use:

Chassis and the bottom of the bodywork of vehicles, wheel openings, several components of the suspension and axles, yachts and boats with keels and/or steel structures, several decorative pieces in iron, bridges, tunnels, etc., in short, any steel or iron, including those exposed to very aggressive environments.


Epoxy MASTIC 121 is provided in a complete kit of a mixture of two components, in equal amounts, to allow an easy 1:1 mixture of (A = B = base + hardener), with the respective thinner "Thinner No. 17."

Epoxy MASTIC 121 is supplied in packs of 1.25 and 2.25 ltr ltr, whose average yield is respetivamente of 5 m 2 and 10 m 2.



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Epoxy Mastic is a high-strength epoxy coating and flexibility.

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