Dinitrol MS-40 is a penetrating liquid which quickly frees the components arrested by rust

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Dinitrol MS-40 is the solution for multifunctional problems: charred components for rust, release cleans, protects, lubricates and displaces moisture

Dinitrol MS-40 is the spray indispensable at work: garage, workshop, Garden, House, ...

Dinitrol MS-40 is a non-greasy, penetrating spray, which forms a waxy film, liberator of rust, and water repellent

Dinitrol MS-40 has no silicones and is not harmful to most plastics, erasers and paint  


Dinitrol MS-40 offers 5 functions in one product

1. Penetrates and loosens the Ferrugem

MS-40 enters the rust and release the trapped components, calcined, or frozen, such as bolts, hinges, ...

2. Lubricates

MS-40 all kinds of parts. They stop "squeal" immediately. Does not contain silicones or other components that attract dust and dirt

3. Protects

MS-40 protects metal surfaces, such as steel, aluminium, copper, brass, silver, Tin and lead, corrosion, water, dirt and fingerprints digiais

4. Clean

MS-40 gets under dirt, foligem, fat, cleaning, while form a corrosion resistant barrier

MS-40 dissolves adhesives and removes easily tags, stickers and adhesive tapes. Just spray, wait and clean.

5. Displaces moisture

MS-40 dries quickly for displaced electrical systems from moisture to the exterior of its components

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