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P. What distinguishes Fluid Film of your competitors?

R. While most products contain between 70 to solvent, < 90%strong >Fluid Film contains no solvents; contain only the necessary to their propellant, which means long-lasting protection and lubrication. Without solvents, Fluid Film will not evaporate, drying or stay sticky, which allows you to move to areas with need for lubrication and protection. With its base only of lanolin, Fluid film joins in the pores of the metal, resisting washes and preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the metal. Containing no solvents < in>Fluid Film lends itself to numerous applications, where the other solvent-based products may not be an option.

P. What are the effects of Fluid Film about the environment?

R. Fluid Film is non-toxic and non-hazardous liquid, which contains less than 1% of volatile organic compound (VOCs); just enough for your propeller. The low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) help to eliminate chemicals that destroy the ozone layer. Fluid Film contains no solvents, phenols, heavy metals, arsenic, PCBS (polychlorinated biphenyls), PC (Plastic Resins), TCDD (2, 3, 7, 8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin) dioxin or other substances. < strong >Fluid Film is manufactured with a natural lanolin base.

P. Fluid Film attacks the painting?

R. Não. Fluid Film can be applied directly on the painting, which didn't damage

P. Can I paint over Fluid Film?

R. Don't. After applied Fluid Film leave a thin wet film to dry and not that incorporates in the pores of the metal. Any surface treated with < stRong >Fluid Film You must clean with a biodegradable degreaser cleaner, before being painted

P. Fluid Film rubber or plastic attacks?

R. Fluid Film does not have any adverse effect on plastic or synthetic rubber, but can cause deformation/swelling in natural rubber

P. Fluid Film Removes rust effectively?

R. Fluid Film It was not formulated to remove rust. However, when applied to the existing rust, will prevent this from spreading further. Fluid Film will penetrate the rust and oxidation, to the metal base by loosening the rust and facilitating the process of removal.

P. Fluid Film prevents existing rust from spreading?

R. Yes. Fluid Film will prevent that rust from spreading.

P. Can I apply Fluid Film on the battery terminals?

R. Yes. Apply Fluid Film on the battery terminals is an excellent way to avoid corrosion. < strong >Fluid Film is non-conductive, so it will have to do the links before you apply. Once < stroNG >Fluid Film not dry, will protect the battery terminals for an extended period.

P. Fluid Film will harm the electrical connections?

R. Don't. Fluid Film will not interfere with the electrical connections. However, be sure to make all connections before its application, since it is non-conductive.

P. Depois de aplicar Fluid Film haverá acumulação de sujidade?

R. As Fluid Film Keep moist, there will be a slight initial layer. But because < stRong >Fluid Film There's no solvents, won't be sticky and not accumulate more dirt

P. Fluid Film is biodegradable?

R. Não. Fluid Film It is not biodegradable

P. Fluid Film will keep the padlocks, locks, locks and other thawed during the winter?

R. Yes. A light application of < andm >Fluid Film is all that is necessary to provide lasting lubrication for all these pieces, even in freezing temperatures.

P. Is Fluid Film indicated in clean snow, snow blowers, snowmobiling and other snow removal equipment?

R. Yes. Fluid Film will prevent the snow from sticking to a variety of surfaces. However, it may be necessary to apply < stRong >Fluid Film prior to each use.

< p style = "text-align: justify;" >P. Can I use Fluid Film in the chains of bike and bike?

R. Yes. Fluid Film is a powerful lubricant for all the chains for links, since it has no solvents. Spray < strong >Fluid Film directly on the chain, and wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. Fluid Film will penetrate in all areas, ensuring a long-lasting lubrication and rust protection too.

P. Can I use Fluid Film to preserve the leather work boots?

R. Yes. Fluid Film It's a great Packer for leather products, softening it and proofing-others

P. Pode Fluid FILM ser usado em armas de fogo?

R. Yes. Apply Fluid Film on a soft, clean, dry cloth and rub the surface of the metal (as you do with a polish or wax). Fluid Film leave no fingerprints or will damage the metal. Lanolin-based < strNGO >Fluid Film will also be a wood conditioner. < strong >Fluid Film will remain even in extreme conditions.

P. Fluid Film will dry out over time?

R. Fluid Film is a Lanolin based product that does not contain solvents, so it will not evaporate or dry. < strong >Fluid Film will leave a film wet, not dry, which will provide long-term protection against rust and corrosion in all metals and also superior lubrication to all moving parts ...

< span style = "font-size: 12pt;" >P. Is using Fluid Film suitable for all metals?

R. Fluid Film It protects all metals atmospheric corrosion and oxidation, including steel, stainless steel, copper, lead, Tin and zinc. < strong>Fluid Film will protect the chrome and brass from corrosion and aluminum and magnesium from oxidation

P. The stainless steel has areas that are corroded and cannot be passivadas. Will Flu Film ID help prevent additional corrosion?

R. Fluid Film will protect the chopped areas and prevent the corrosion spreads

P. Will Fluid Film prevent the cut grass from sticking to the lawnmower?

< span style = "font-size: 12pt; " >R. The grass will take in almost all surfaces. However, applying < stRong >Fluid Film the mower will protect him and will make it easier to clean

P. Will Fluid Film burn the vegetation when applied in trim or cut?

R. Don't. Fluid Film will not burn the vegetation, so it is safe to use it in this area.

P. What is the shelf life of Fluid Film?

R. Fluid Film has an indefinite shelf life.

P. Can I use a pump sprayer with Fluid Film?

R. Don't. Fluid Film must be sprayed the 60-80 psi, so for best results we recommend a compressed air spray painting

P. Can dilute and use Fluid Film a spray gun?

R. It is recommended to mix well Fluid Film (it's a thixotropic liquid) and allow to reach room temperature, before use. However, if a dilution is intended, should start by mixing a small amount of vegetable oil to Fluid Film until the desired consistency is reached. It is not recommended that < strNGO >Fluid Film to be used with a pump spray, even when diluted. A spray of ink is what is recommended for the correct application of < strong >Fluid Film.